Allow approximately 3 weeks for delivery. Refer to the sizing information provided with the images above. After placing your order we will contact you to see if you want to mix sizes, for example medium kickers with small leg guards. Not all sizes available in all product lines. For example, XS kickers are available in the Bhalu line but not in Racoon line. Color choice applies to kickers, leg guards, and Junior gloves. If Junior gloves (Extra Small and Small) are selected, you will be credited $30 after purchase.


SAFETY CERTIFICATION LEVELS: The Bhalu line has achieved CE-Certification Level 3. The Racoon line has achieved CE-Certification Level 4.


ITEMS INCLUDED: Kickers, Leg Guards (with Indoor Covers), Gloves, and Chest Protector.


BlackBear knows, better than anyone else, the challenges you face as a hockey goalie. BlackBear quality products are designed by goalies for goalies. Play your matches well-protected and full of confidence and defend your goal like a bear protects its den!


Bhalu – The Bhalu line from BlackBear is aimed toward beginning keepers (the largest size available is Medium). This product line provides a comfortable, stylish and, most importantly, safe kit with a limited amount of rebound, providing the best control over the ball. The chest protector included with this kit is are designed to the higher standard of the more expensive Racoon line.

BlackBear Bhalu Kicks, Legs, Gloves, and Chest Protector

Glove Size