The indoor "EDGE Pro" glove from The Netherlands is coming to the USA. Extra thick padding and plastic inserts gives indoor hockey athletes the protection they need on their left hands for confident play. 



Measuring the length of the player's middle finger seems to be the best way to size. My son's measures 6.75cm and he likes the XXS best. My daughter's measured 7.6cm, mine was 7.5cm, and we both preferred the Medium. My friend's was 8cm and he preferred the Large. Alerternately, my son is 4'10" (he liked XXS), I'm almost 5'8" (I liked the Medium), and my friend is just north of 5'10" (he liked the Large).


Product comes with either red or white trim. Please state your preference but, at the moment, orders will be fulfilled based on size only.

EDGE Pro Indoor Hockey Glove

Trim Color Preference (only applies if available)