KHÚC CÔN CẦU (pronounced "Coupe Kong Ghoul") is Vietnamese for hockey. This KHÚC CÔN CẦU has a power quotient of 95 (85% Carbon, 10% Kevlar, and 5% Fiberglass). Players can customize length, colors, and bow location. Further, personalized text can be added to help identify your stick in a crowd.


The PQ:95 is the stiffest KHÚC CÔN CẦU available. It is most appropriate for men and college players or college-bound high school players. Fundamental skills must be mastered before considering a stick built to the PQ:95's specifications. Expect 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.


Customization: You can customize the stick with various combinations stick, wrap, and ink colors.


Personalization: You can personalize your stick with up to 10 characters. Lengths Available: 34" through 39" in half-inch increments Bow Locations: High (@300mm), Pro (@250mm), Low (@225mm), and Ultra Low (@200mm)


HINTS: The bow location is measured from the bottom of the curve of the stick. Generally, deep defenders like a high bow location, midfielders like high and pro bow location, attackers like low and ultra low location. A lower bow helps with 3D skills, including lifts. Sticks with the high bow location have two bow depth options, 24.50mm and 22.00mm. We recommend the 22.00mm bow for pre-teens who are just learning the game.

KHÚC CÔN CẦU (PQ:95) Customize & Personalize