The HOCKEY HAMMER is a training aid that is ILLEGAL for game play. It is designed to help strengthen the hands, wrists and lower arms while practicing fine motor, ball handling skills. Using the Hockey Hammer for hitting will give a player a false sense of power. All sticks are 36.5 inches in length with extra weight (illegal weight) in the head and toe. During training, begin by holding the stick a few inches closer to the head and as strength improves retreat towards the end of the handle.


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I looked at a training aid that would help field hockey players in the same way weights help in other stick and ball (or puck) sports for muscle isolation and fine motor control. I tried adding different weight amounts to the end of a hockey stick and felt the least about of weight would be the best approach. Heavier weights, dumbbells, linear motion resistance cables, etc., are good for building strength for gross motor skills but adding too much to the end of a stick would improperly train muscle memory. And, while add-on weights are fine, I thought it would be just as easy to have a stick dedicated to this type of development. So, I worked with the engineers that produce the KHÚC CÔN CẦU sticks and the HOCKEY HAMMER was born.


The HOCKEY HAMMER stick weighs a little less than two pounds. Most hockey sticks weigh less than 1.5 pounds (500-650 grams). The HOCKEY HAMMER sticks weigh about 850 grams -- about 200 grams heavier than most sticks and 110 grams heavier than the legal limit. Remember, these are completely ILLEGAL for game play -- says so right on the stick.

Hockey Hammer (for training only)