KHÚC CÔN CẦU (pronounced "Coupe Kong Ghoul") is Vietnamese for hockey. This KHÚC CÔN CẦU has a power quotient of 35 (25% Carbon, 10% Kevlar, and 65% Fiberglass) and is an appropriate stick for players with a year or two of experience who have decided to continue playing field hockey. Players can customize length, colors, and bow location. Further, personalized text can be added to help identify your stick in a crowd.


The PQ:35 KHÚC CÔN CẦU provides a young player a stick with advanced features, at an affordable price, without being so rigid that the youngster will become frustrated and their skill development will be stifled. Expect 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.


Customization: You can customize the stick with various combinations of stick, wrap, and ink colors.


Personalization: You can personalize your stick with up to 10 characters. Lengths Available: 34" through 39" in half-inch increments Bow Locations: High (@300mm), Pro (@250mm), Low (@225mm), and Ultra Low (@200mm)


HINTS: The bow location is measured from the bottom of the curve of the stick. Generally, deep defenders like a high bow location, midfielders like high and pro bow location, attackers like low and ultra low location. A lower bow helps with 3D skills, including lifts. Sticks with the high bow location have two bow depth options, 24.50mm and 22.00mm. We recommend the 22.00mm bow for pre-teens who are just learning the game.

KHÚC CÔN CẦU (PQ:35) Customize & Personalize