The Lefty Stick is NOT LEGAL for use in games or scrimmages. It was created primarily to assist coaches who are left handers and came to the sport later in life and will use the stick for demonstration purposes only. Be VERY careful. All legal sticks are right handed to keep each player's follow through away from their opponent's head! The bow is 22mm and is located 300mm from the bottom of the business end of the stick. The composition of the Lefty is 25% Carbon, 10% Kevlar, and 65% Fiberglass.


Customization: You can customize your Lefty with various length and color combinations


Personalization: You can personalize your stick with up to 10 characters


Lengths Available: 34" through 39" in half-inch increments


Allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery.

Lefty Stick