MatchSKINS for lacrosse. Free shipping to addresses in the USA and Canada. Based on customer reports, a single pack should last for more than 100 games.

MatchSKINS (LAX - Official's Corner)

  • MatchSKINS for lacrosse have been measured to fit the Women's lacrosse scorecard, the "regular" men's lacrosse scorecard, and the "NCAA LACROSSE SCORECARD" that accurately measures NCAA men's lacrosse head standards -- all from The Official's Corner. MatchSKINS for lacrosse are 75mm x 105mm. That's a little less than 3" by just over 4". MatchSKINS keep your scorecard from The Official's Corner in pristine condition. The reusable and disposable MatchSKINs can be written on even when wet -- whether from humidity, sweat, or rain. Our customers report each MatchSKIN lasts a minimum of 6 to 10 games. Each pack of lacrosse MatchSKINS comes with twelve (12) skins for recording over the lacrosse hard card from The Officials Corner (hard cards NOT included).