The MADE IN THE USA PHOENIX PHX 422 indoor hockey stick is extra light and has a head only 16mm in width. Phoenix indoor sticks provide exceptional touch and firmness for pushing and flicking performance.  Use discount code CHC and save 30%! The CHC discount code can be used here or directly on the Phoenix website,


Stick Composition: 50% Carbon, 50% Fiberglass. Proprietary Phoenix Hybrid Epoxy Resin

Head Style: PHX 422 has an indoor head style (IND16), 16mm thickness.


Lengths Available: 34" to 38" in half-inch increments


Weight: Extra Light


Stick Core: Phoenix Quad to Sextet Channels


Finish: Clear, hard shell ceramic composite


Grip: Danaher – Gel Shock Resister Black 59” Grip


Handle Cap: Integrated, balanced Urethane HR2 Core System


Construction & Materials: United States of America


The resin transfer and compression molded composite materials, contain strategically placed fabrics designed to provide stiffness with dampening properties for the perfect combination of power and control. The HR2 System diminishes the shock, and combines with the Danaher Gel Shock Resister grip to provide the player with excellent comfort. Stick balancing of the handle enhances stick head speed and power transmission through pushes and flicks.

PHX 422 (Indoor) $63 w/coupon code "CHC"