The MADE IN THE USA PHOENIX FYRE 500 hockey sticks are designed for the experienced player with strong skill execution, physical strength, and firm touch. Optional Drag Flick Shaft Recess available on this stick model (customer specifies interest in Drag Flick recess after ordering). 


Stick Composition: 35% High Modulus Carbon, 50% Aerospace Carbon, 10% Fiberglass Basalt, and 5% Proprietary Phoenix Hybrid Epoxy Resin

Head Style: PHX 550 has a traditional head style (TR24), 24mm thickness. PHX 555 has a hybrid pro head style (PRO20), 20mm thickness, which is great for throwing and 3D skills. PHX 575 has a PRO20 head and a specially designed shaft to enhance the use of the draft flick action.


Team Logo: Customize with school/club colors and club/school name and logo for no additional charge. Customer provides logo after ordering.


Lengths Available: 34" through 38" in half-inch increments


Weights Available: Light, Medium


Stick Core: Foam-filled channels in the handle convert to more foam-filled channels in the shaft and head for added strength and vibration absorbion. All Phoenix Fyre sticks have quad channel handles and dual channel heads.


Finish: Clear, hard shell ceramic composite


Grip: Danaher – Gel Shock Resister Black 59” Grip


Handle Cap: Integrated, balanced Urethane HR2 Core System


Construction & Materials: United States of America


The resin transfer and compression molded composite materials, contain strategically placed fabrics designed to provide stiffness with dampening properties for the perfect combination of power and control. The HR2 System diminishes the shock, and combines with the Danaher Gel Shock Resister grip to provide the player with excellent comfort. Stick balancing of the handle enhances stick head speed and power transmission through impact. Deep inside shaft wall with extra reinforcement for excellent consistency for back-hand edge hitting.

PHX FYRE 500 (C:87%)