Skillz Machine is a neuroadaptive training device used to help establish neuromuscular pathways to enhance performance. Said another way, it helps players with concentration, reaction time, eye-hand coordination, hand speed, and stick skills.


WHAT'S INCLUDED: Skillz Machine (17 games), SkillzBall (1), SkillzTurf (an overlay), power cord, and a two-year warranty.


WANT TO PLAY TWO-PLAYER GAMES? A second SkillzBall is available for $24.99. 



  • EARLY ADOPTERS: In May 2022, pre-release pricing will be $374.99 (shipments not expected until July/August)
  • INTRODUCTORY RETAIL: In June 2022, Skillz Machine will have introductory pricing of $399.99 (shipments not expected until July)


Field hockey athletes use Skillz Machine to develop their hand speed and ball control skills. It is a neuroadaptive training device combined with a gamification system. The nature of neuroadaptive training stems from mental effort during physical execution. The purpose of gamification systems is to reward targeted performance. The main goal of neuroadaptive training is faster skill progression while achieving ever higher training levels. As a result, training with Skillz Machine is very effective.


Benefits include improved concentration, hand speed, eye-hand coordination, muscular endurance, and strength. Repeating the movements needed to be successful on the Skillz Machine platform are directly transferable to both field hockey and indoor hockey. Consistent use of Skillz Machine helps to establish the neuromuscular pathways that enhance the high-speed, close-control skills needed in the game. 


"In ten years these neuroadaptive training devices are going to be absolutely standard for training in any sport with a dynamic tactical component. It’s literally brain-hacking some of the dynamic nature of free play." -- Jacob Paul, parent of a U14 player




Don't forget to continue shopping and add an extra SkillzBall to your cart if you want to compete against an opponent in Skillz Machine's two-player skill challenges, i.e. games.  


PLAYERS: WARNING: Using Skillz Machine might be addictive - you won't want to stop! :-) Get better and better each time you play and challenge yourself and your friends and family. Become a ball-handling wizard.


COACHES: Implement Skillz Machine into your team's training rotations and see the success of your players grow and accelerate in a very short time. Skill development is trackable and comparable. Perfect practice makes perfect and there are no shortcuts to high scores with the Skillz Machine!


As noted, the first units are expected to be available for shipping before September.

Skillz Machine (Pre-order pricing: MAY)

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