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Expect delivery end of OCTOBER 2023.


Preorder and not only will you save $75 on the price of SkillzMachine, you'll also get a copy of the book SkillzMachine Training for Field Hockey, a $24.99 value, Field Hockey: The Beginner's Guide, a $14.99 value, and a SkillzMachine headband, a $10 value.




SkillzMachine helps athletes who play:


  1. Ball Hockey
  2. Field Hockey
  3. Indoor Hockey


WHAT'S INCLUDED: SkillzMachine (18 skill challenges including 5 two-player games), two SkillzBALLs (with internal scoring magnet), SmallBALL (with internal scoring magnet), SkillzTURF (slip on and off, laser cut holes show lights), SkillzBAR and brackets (practice 3-D and release-n-recapture skills), power cord, and a two-year warranty.


Use SkillzMachine to develop stick speed and control skills. SkillzMachine also helps players with concentration, reaction time, and eye-hand coordination.


Consistent use of SkillzMachine helps to establish the neuromuscular pathways and muscle memory that enhances the high-speed, close-control skills needed in real-world games. Repeating the movements needed to be successful on SkillzMachine are directly transferable to all real-world hockey games.


"In ten years these neuroadaptive training devices are going to be absolutely standard for training in any sport with a dynamic tactical component. It’s literally brain-hacking some of the dynamic nature of free play." -- Jacob Paul, parent of a U14 player


COACHES: Implement SkillzMachine into your team's training rotations and see the success of your players grow and accelerate in a very short time. Skill development is trackable and comparable. Perfect practice makes perfect and there are no shortcuts to high scores with the SkillzMachine!I


LOCAL PICK UP: If you pick up SkillzMachine, the shipping fee will be refunded after you pick up your order.


Customer is responsible for shipment costs to and from Richboro, PA, related to warranty and returns. Returns subject open box restocking fees of not more than $150.

PREORDER: SkillzMachine 2.0

$499.99 Regular Price
$424.99Sale Price
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