The TechPitch™ provides a unique form in technique training. Where other forms of technique training are solely focused on the ball and stick action, the TechPitch™ method will focus on ball and stick action as well as footwork. Besides, the forms and exercises you perform are easily translated to the competition. This allows you to train specifically for situations that occur on the field.

TechPitch™ has common ground with karate! The innovator, Albert Monpellier, Monpellier Sports Methods & Solutions, B.V., is a hockey trainer as well as an experienced karate sensei. The karate principle of defending eight corners and moving 360 ͦ is perfectly applicable in the game of hockey.


TechPitch™ is mobile and convenient to unroll in a training facility, on pavement (in a local park or driveway), and even in the living room. Effective technique training is suddenly possible anytime and anywhere with TechPitch™.


  • "TechPitch, not only lets you break the boundaries of your creativity, you discover freedom in motion." -- Marilyn Agliotti, Assistent trainer Oranje-Rood en speelster HC Antwerp
  • "TechPitch is a major development and innovative idea. And it is a nice method to practice at home!" -- Toon Siepman, Trainer/coach Dames 1 HC Oranje-rood


The TechPitch™ mat is 2x2 meters and weighs 23 lbs. Pricing includes "to your door" shipment from manufacturer in Europe. Expect at least 7 days from order to delivery.

TechPitch™ Skills/Fitness Platform