With the UmpireHockey.com Meeting Service, Cris Maloney provides your association with a technical and educational assist so it is easy for you to take your meetings online and provide value to all the members of your association. Yes, you can do this on your own but, as an IT management executive with 30-years of experience, I can tell you, it ain't always easy. It is important to note that using an online meeting service does not mean all your in-person meetings have to go away. In fact, you can do a combination of online meetings and in-person meetings. The biggest advantage with the UmpireHockey.com Meeting Service is that you can run your meetings without the burden of having your members gather together in a single location (which also means your association doesn't have to arrange for that physical location) and, instead, you run your meetings -- or some of them -- as an online community. The UmpireHockey.com Meeting Service also supports meetings with a mixed attendance type -- with some umpires meeting from the comfort of their home (or even connecting via their cell phone on their ride to or from a game) and others connecting to the meeting from the association's physical location. In short, with the UmpireHockey.com Meeting Service you can run true 21st century meetings with all members in an online community attending from the location that is most convenient for them and, if you want, continue to arrange for a meeting room with a group of members attending from there. Each meeting can have up to 99 connections to the meeting (that could be 99 umpires each with an individual connection from their homes or an unlimited number of umpires gathered together "the old fashioned way" with up to 98 umpires connecting from home.  The UmpireHockey.com Meeting Service will do the heavy lifting for you by providing the technology you and your members need to get your membership into an online community. Further, I will attend your meetings to resolve any technical issues and to present and take questions on any number of topics you select, such as: 
	RECRUITING and RETENTION (Hint: Hold online meetings!)
	Custom topics by your request

Presentations would be about 20 minutes in length. They would be live presentations and interactive in nature. IMPORTANT: Material presented during the meeting would be available for association members after the meeting. Further, the meetings will be recorded and stored online. This allows the association, if they so chose, to permit members who could not attend a meeting at the time it was scheduled to "attend" via the recording. As an optional part of the UmpireHockey.com Meeting Service, I can also serve as your association's Rules Interpreter.Attending an UmpireHockey.com Meeting Service is available from any device that can connect to the web from anywhere. PRICINGANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION: $399 for up to 4 meetings with up to 99 connections (again, associations can, for example, have 5,000 umpires in a room -- that's one connection -- and 98 umpires connecting from home). Each meeting would be up to 90 minutes in length. Price is $449 with Cris in the role of your Rules Interpreter.

UmpireHockey.com Online Meeting Service